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I occasionally write article on Here is a list of the current articles.

Passing And Failing Google Cloud Certification Exams

I just sat for my 18th Google Cloud certification exam, and as an active Google Cloud trainer, I often share my experience with my students. So, I thought I would share this with a wider audience. I don’t advocate anybody taking that many exams, but as a Google Cloud authorized trainer, I like to keep my certifications active. While I now focus on Google Cloud, I also maintain up-to-date solutions architect certifications from AWS and Azure to have a comparison that I can share with my students

Cloud Certifications: Are they really worth it?

Recently I updated an article entitled Passing and Failing Google Cloud Certification Exams. I wrote the original article on LinkedIn a couple of years ago and posted an updated version on for a wider audience. I received positive feedback, including private feedback on whether Cloud certifications are worth the paper (or screen) they are written on. I said unequivocally cloud certifications are valuable but in the proper context. Let me look at this from two perspectives: a personal one and an employer/client one.