Cloud Advisory

Starting in or moving into the cloud is a challenging endeavor. Choosing between the major cloud providers is a major decision in addition to deciding whether to go multi and/or hybrid cloud.

Building on your existing capabilities, I will work with you to develop a cloud strategy that meets your business requirements.

I will advise you on :

The strengths of each major cloud provider.

The advantages and disadvantages of a multi-cloud approach.

How to utilize hybrid-cloud effectively.

Cloud Migration Process


Google Cloud Architecture

With 7 GCP certifications, and having designed and implemented multiple production deployments, I specialize on GCP.

I will :

Design a GCP architecture that addresses your technical and business requirements

Build a solid foundation (landing zone) on GCP that enables you to deploy multiple applications while managing controls over security and spending.

Using Infrastructure as code (Terraform) provision GCP infrastructure across multiple environments (e.g. dev, test, and prod) consistently and securely

Cloud Enablement

Every business whether small or large needs cannot solely rely on outsides to manage their cloud and hence needs to develop their internal cloud expertise. In my years as a cloud architect, I have prepared and sat for over 25 cloud examinations. I have shared that knowledge both internal and externally. I strongly believe that cloud certifications play an important role in developing talent and work with you to build up your internal cloud knowledge.

I can:

Design a path to develop your internal cloud knowledge, and

Advise on how to prepare and pass Cloud Certifications

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