Bernd Nordhausen

Cloud Solutions Architect

     Having worked at two stalwarts of the industry, Accenture and Intel, as well a  (failed) startup in Silicon Valley, Bernd Nordhausen brings a wealth of industry expertise across Asia and Silicon Valley. Bernd has over 15 cloud certifications and holds professional/expert solutions architect certifications from all three major cloud providers. He led the design and implementation of several production cloud architectures including an IOT deployment that dramatically increased efficiency and an SAP on GCP deployment. Furthermore, he was the lead infrastructure for several cloud migration projects utilizing infrastructure as code (Terraform) to provision the cloud infrastructure.

      Bernd was the lead cloud architect for several multi dollar RFP’s, and has advised clients in their journey to cloud helping them to decide on their choice of cloud service providers and whether to use a multi or hybrid cloud approach.

     He also takes an active interest in teaching and mentoring junior talents to become proficient in cloud, and is a Google Cloud authorized trainer.

     Bernd strongly believes that children should be provided the same educational opportunities regardless of where they live. As such, he has actively been involved in projects to bring ICT to remote communities in Africa and Asia and continues to do so through his NGO work.