Technology in Education

In recent years, new technology has emerged for education: low cost tablets, mobile phones, Chromebooks, small form factor desktops, micro-servers, etc. The choice of technology can be overwhelming as each of these devices can play an important role in the classroom and beyond, if they are appropriately deployed. We can help you in not only choosing the right technology but also in deploying it.

The first step in the journey of bringing technology into the school is to clearly identify the educational objectives. What do you want to achieve by introducing technology? There are many areas where technology can help. The first step is to clearly identify and articulate those areas. Many educational technology projects have failed because they started with technology rather than with educational objectives in mind.

The second step is to develop a plan. This starts by assessing the existing infrastructure, identifying the needs and resources required. It includes the critical item of budgeting  to effectively deploy and sustain the technology. This step also includes the essential plan for teacher training.

Then, and only then, should technology be considered. Once the first two points are answered, the most appropriate technology becomes clear.

Bernd can guide in this process by working with you to identify your educational goals, to develop the plan, to choose the right technology, and then to implement the plan.