Access to stable electricity has been a major obstacle in the deployment of technology in rural and remote areas. While solar power is a mature and well established technology to provide electricity to remote areas, it is often perceived as too expensive. However, modern technology consume less power than you might think.  The key is to choose the right equipment.  The less power your devices consume, the less you have to spend on solar.

The industry has developed very energy efficient devices in recent years. For example, new small form factor desktops are now available that consume 1/10 of the power of a traditional desktop computer while providing similar computing power. Devices such as tablets and Chromebooks can be even more power efficient.

Thus, solar power now has become a viable option to provide electricity to schools that lack access to grid power. However, careful planning is required, every Watt in energy saved, translates to multiple dollars saved in solar equipment.

Bernd has the knowledge to choose the most efficient devices for you and the experience to deploy them effectively. He has authored a paper on solar power for ICT deployments, and has held successful webinars on the topic. Bernd can advise you to optimize your solar deployment and how to engage with solar system installers.

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