We offer a range of services to assist you in achieving your educational objectives with the right technology.

  • Technology for Education Planning
    • We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to bring sustainable and affordable technologies into your school to achieve your educational objectives.
  • Project Management
    • We provide end-to-end project management to ensure your ICT project is delivered on time and within your budget.
  • Technology Assessment
    • We will assess your current education technology and develop a gap analysis of where it meets and does not meet your educational objectives so that you can plan for the next steps.
  • Technology Evaluation and Recommendation
    • Educational technology is evolving rapidly. We will advise you and recommend the  most appropriate technology in order to achieve your educational objectives.
  • Budgeting for Solar Deployments
    • Careful planning and choosing the most energy efficient equipment for your solar powered computer lab will save you money. We will plan the power requirements for your solar lab and recommend the most energy efficient equipment for maximum cost savings.