Transforming Education in Rural Philippines

  • The Marilog Central Elementary School located in  the province of Mindanao, Philippines is home to 650 students many of whom are indigenous people. The school did not have access to grid electricity, and no access to modern learning technology.
  • In 2010 Intel joined forces with Alliance for Mindanao Off-grid Renewable Energy Program (AMORE). Bernd designed  a solar powered computer lab. Three years later Bernd implemented a content server solution and introduced 25 tablets.
  • Since then the school has seen student attendance rates and graduation increase. The principal attributes that in part to the access of technology and the teacher training that Intel provided.
  •  “Technology has become a tool to facilitate teacher professional development – enhancing content knowledge and teaching strategies to ensure effective learning, both for the teachers, and the most important person in the school – the pupil.”  Zenaida Ayop, School Head, MCES
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Marilog tablet Charging