Solar Powered PC Lab, Zambia

  • The Jonathan Sims Chikanta High School is located in a very remote area of Southern Zambia. Home to now more than 500 students, the school has no access to internet or electrical power.
  • In 2011 Bernd designed a solar powered computer lab that has been  running successfully ever since. A set of solar panels provide the electricity to 15 power efficient small form factor desktops as well as 12 tablets. Bernd also implemented an innovative content server solution provides access to educational materials such Khan Academy, Wikipedia and British Council which can be remotely managed and updated.
  • Benefits span multiple areas. The student population has tripled in size. Students research skills have improved significantly. Both teachers and students have higher self esteem than before as the schools facilities are ahead even of urban schools. Furthermore, the  school produces various reports, documents and exams internally at a much lower cost than before.
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